WTMC provides turnaround flex personnel, turnaround support services, project controls personnel, project controls training, turnaround schedulers, turnaround planners, Primavera training and specialized flex workforce for the refining and petrochemical industry.


WTMC Home Office Staff

Our company was founded in July of 1998 and opened its doors under the name of The Turnaround Management Company. The founders had many years of experience in managing turnarounds and capital projects for a refining company. They were part of a corporate turnaround and projects group that serviced 3 refineries on the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. This corporate group was a very lean staff and used contractors (mostly independent) to make up their team of project controls and execution personnel. At that time there was no contractor that focused specifically on providing personnel to assist owners in the preparation and execution of turnarounds.

In the mid-90s there was a shift on the operating company side to reduce their overhead cost by contracting services such as plant maintenance, engineering and turnaround preparation. There was also a brain drain because the” baby boomers” were becoming of retirement age and they were leaving the industry or taking early retirement packages because of the downsizing. Our founders saw a need and an opportunity to start the Turnaround Management Company to fill this void. The premise was 1) if the operating companies could get turnaround preparation and execution services from one company, and 2) If that company’s employees were paid a competitive pay rate and provided with a comprehensive benefit package, it would be easy for them to staff their turnarounds with qualified people to fill the void and knowledge gap created from the ongoing “brain drain”.

Initially we provided managed services (Turnaround Management) and project controls training. Because of our experience we were able to quickly develop processes and software packages to support the turnaround process as well as training materials for turnaround management, cost management and scheduling. At that time our customer base did not have many or in some cases any documented process for turnaround preparation and execution.

In time the industry became more educated and the operating companies developed their own specific process, many with our assistance and expertise. Once our customers had their own specific process their need shifted to staff augmentation. They needed qualified people to come into their plant and work in their processes. At this time we made a shift in strategy and started the TTMC Personnel line of business. TTMC Personnel had a focus on staff augmentation and The Turnaround Management Company had a focus on managed services. Each line of business had a different pricing model based on its deliverable.

In January of 2013 we rebranded the company under the name of WTMC (Worldwide Turnaround Management Company). Currently we have four lines of business under the WTMC brand with each having their own unique differentiators.

  1. Personnel LOB – focused on providing qualified people to work under the direction of our customers in their processes and tools.
  2. WiseHire® LOB – focused on providing a cost effective way for our customers to bring back their retired employees to work on short term assignments.
  3. Training – focused on training our customers and employees in project controls.
  4. Managed Services – focused on providing turnaround management and task management services.

We developed processes and programs such as EQSP® (Employee Qualification and Selection Process) that allows us to better qualify candidates. We also developed the WorkSmart Program that allows us to provide our employees with customer specific site orientation and our customers with task tracking and productivity KPIs. Our training programs were upgraded in 2013-14 and will be offered via the web to both our customers and employees. WTMC has been and will continue to be a company that will evolve to better serve our customers’ and employees’ needs.


Houston Area
17629 El Camino Real, Suite #125
Houston, Texas 77058

Lake Charles Area
2120 Louis Alleman Parkway
Sulphur LA 70663

Toll Free: 1.877.876.2763
Office: 1.281.461.9340


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