WTMC provides turnaround flex personnel, turnaround support services, project controls personnel, project controls training, turnaround schedulers, turnaround planners, Primavera training and specialized flex workforce for the refining and petrochemical industry.

Turnaround Support Services

Worldwide Turnaround Management Company

Processes, tools and people that support your cost management and project controls for turnarounds.

An array of turnaround management services are available to help you better manage cyclical events such as maintenance turnarounds and revamps for refining, chemical and petrochemical facilities. You get best-in-class expertise required for planning, organizing, control and execution of these projects. You get a platform to help you better control the duration and costs while improving quality, safety, reliability and performance.

Turnaround Training

Training prepares people to perform more consistently and better.

Training is proactive, deliberate and consistent. WTMC training principles, practices and systems are proactive measures that help your team dramatically improve their performance. Training in your processes and tools allows the same concepts to be reinforced and reiterated throughout your turnaround team.

It is not enough to understand how turnarounds are supposed to work, you also need to understand how to use the technology…the technology that helps you turn knowing into doing.

We offer turnaround-specific training either at your facility or in our Training Center. Or, we can customize classes for your specific educational needs.

Some of the courses we offer include:

  • The Fundamentals of Turnaround Management
  • The Fundamentals of Turnaround Planning
  • The Fundamentals of Turnaround Scheduling Theory
  • Turnaround Planning & Scheduling Utilizing Primavera™
  • Advanced Turnaround Planning & Scheduling Utilizing Primavera™

Turnaround Project Controls

Our integrated services offer you a logical mix of shared responsibility and supportive roles throughout your turnaround organization.

We can support you at all levels. In some phase of the project you take primary responsibility with us in a supporting role. In other scenarios, we take primary responsibility with your support. Our integrated services model is designed to support a “one-team” environment.

How you benefit:

  • No conflict of interest — we have no ties to mechanical contractors or engineering firms. We act as an owner/agent to represent your best interests.
  • We’ve sat at your desk — because of our experience on the operating company side of the business, we have a unique understanding of the challenges that you face.
  • We understand your strengths — by design, your core competencies are operating and maintaining your facility and because of turnaround cycles you have less need to maintain in-house turnaround expertise. We help support your non-core competencies and can provide the platform required to better control the duration and cost of your turnarounds. Our platform includes processes and tools for planning, scheduling and cost control. We also assist you with scope definition, scope management, risk analysis and contingency planning.
  • Qualified people — because of our EQSP® (Employee Qualification and Selection Process) you get the best trained and best qualified people in the business.

Turnaround Cost Management

Processes, tools and people that support your cost management and project controls for turnarounds.

While a mechanical contractor will track costs so he will know how much to charge you…we help you track costs so you know how much you are spending. The technology platform we bring to your project is relevant to turnarounds and is supported by subject matter experts.

We use an activity-based program called Forecaster Cost Tracking Software by MCI that structures data the same way the work is executed to help you define, manage and control your costs. This activity-based tool allows you to build the estimate, track scope changes, manage contingency and forecast cost at completion on a daily basis. Plus, you don’t have to worry about integration as these tools work well with other platforms.


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